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Contractors Counting on Us

As Econocycle’s sole Tasmanian agents, we have a host of reputable contractors who turn to our systems as their go-to wastewater treatment suppliers. Because of its superior performance, many builders, plumbers and developers choose Econocycle as their system of choice.

How It Works

The Econocycle unit works wonders in a four-stage purification process. 

Step 1

First, your household wastewater and effluent enters through an inlet into the septic zone of your tank. Clear water will pass through layers of crust and sludge into the aeration zone.

Step 2

In the aeration treatment zone, the effluent is filtered over a mass of growth media plates, a bacteria breeding ground which breaks down sewage and filters it.

Step 3

Once the organic impurities have been absorbed within the aerobic culture of microorganisms, the water passes to the clarification zone where it is recycled into clean, clear and odourless water. 

Step 4

Finally, the water is circulated through the chlorinator as a safeguard to kill any bacteria that may have escaped through the aeration and clarification process. Chlorine tablets are replenished at quarterly service intervals and are the only chemical used in the process, although they won’t harm garden plant growth.

Tank Quantity and Material

You can have your Econocycle in either a one or two tank system. A one tank unit can fit the entire system into one large container while a two tank unit separates the septic zone into one tank and the aeration clarification and chlorinator in the other tank. Our tanks come in either a concrete or lightweight plastic material.

Tank Capacity

All of the Econocycle units that we offer have a 10 person capacity and can treat up to 2,000-litres per day.
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Statewide Sales and Service

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