Service & Maintenance


Required Sewage Treatment System Service in Tasmania

Our Scheduled Services

During our scheduled services, our trained technicians will perform a number of tests and maintenance jobs (where appropriate) by renewing the supply of disinfecting agents, testing the water quality, inspecting the irrigation system, adjusting air supply and sludge return controls and monitoring sludge levels.

We also monitor and record the complete operation of the plant and supply a written report to the owner and local authorities.

A Warranty You Can Trust

As stipulated by the Tasmanian Health Department and the local government, Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems require quarterly servicing. While some councils invoice these service fees through their rates, other rate payers are required to enter into a maintenance contract with an approved company who employs qualified AWTS service technicians. Our two sons (and their staff) are subcontracted to monitor and service our AWTS. They are both qualified plumbers and trade under the names of “Hall’s Wastewater Treatment Services” and “Van Diemen Wastewater Services”. Both are excellent and professional providers of our after-sales service and maintenance. 

We’ll invoice you directly each quarter with a fee that covers a full warranty on mechanical and electrical parts that we maintain and alarm call-outs caused by your system. Should your alarm sound, we’ll do our best to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

All of our quality products are made to measure for your property

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Get the details of our maintenance routine on your Aerated Wastewater Treatment System and your warranty by giving us a call.
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